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Addiction Treatment Programs

Odom Recovery Group's network partners has teams of licensed therapists, medical professionals, and addiction specialists that provide participants with the finest treatment and multiple levels of care. Our network partners understand the complexity of substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Our partners addiction treatment center believes that a multifaceted, individualized approach is essential to creating effective treatment and sustained recovery.
Doctor Talking To Patient
Our network partners have developed a substance abuse treatment program that prioritizes your experiences, hopes and dreams as the foundation of the recovery process. Our partners offer a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches in order to help you discover what insight and skills will best support the sober life you’re wanting to create.

Below are some of the treatment programs that our network partners can offer:
Nurse And Patient
Hospital Staff
Residential Treatment
Psychology Session
Outpatient Treatment
Image by Trinity Nguyen
Transitional Housing
Business Woman Smiling
Executive Treatment
Image by Fernando @cferdophotography
Drug Addiction
Drinking wine
Alcohol Addiction
Image by whoislimos
Heroin Addiction
Stomach Pain
Opiate Addiction
Image by christopher lemercier
Fentanyl Addiction
Image by Bermix Studio
Benzos Addiction
Image by engin akyurt
Meth Addiction
Psychotherapy Session
Cocaine Addiction
Stomach Ache
Crack Cocaine Addiction
Image by Zohre Nemati
Hallucinogen Addiction
Image by LexScope
Marijuana Addiction
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