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Don't Face The Battle of Addiction Alone!

Let our partners help your loved ones fight those ongoing urges of addiction that can take over their life. 

Treatment Programs

At Odom Recovery Group, our network partners offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs that prioritizes your experiences, hopes and dreams as the foundation of the recovery process.

Insurance Verification

We understand that the cost of addiction or mental health treatment can be a concern. That's why our network partners accept most major insurance plans to help cover the cost. 

Network Partners

Our network partners have years of experience in substance abuse treatment and wellness.  Our network of partners can provide a safe, and comforting environment to help clients fight their addiction. 

Begin Your Journey to Recovery Today!

Why Choose Odom Recovery Group?

Odom Recovery Group
Odom Recovery Group
Your Best Choice

We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to seek treatment for addiction. Our network partners offer a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches in order to help you discover what insight and skills will best support the sober life you’re wanting to create. Furthermore, our partners recognize that their may be other factors that are contributing to your struggle with addiction.

What Sets Us Apart

At Odom Recovery Group, our network partners are proud to be some of the most respected names in the field of substance abuse treatment. Our network partners understands that each person with a substance use disorder or addiction has individual and unique needs when it comes to an effective and comprehensive treatment plan.

Odom Recovery Group
Comprehensive Programs 

At Odom Recovery Group, our network facilities have teams of experts that includes licensed therapists, medical professionals, and addiction specialists. Our partners approach treatment as a collaborative process. This means that instead of dictating all aspects of your treatment, our partners are here to help guide you through your experience of self-discovery and healing.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Wellness Programs

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